Supporting your voice

The ability to enthuse, inform, and influence people in the aid of your cause has never been more important. For some this comes easily, for others it can feel uncomfortable, unnatural or scary. That’s not easy when you know you’ve got something important to say.

Picture of Martin Coyle

I’ve spent over a decade communicating in speeches, presentations, articles, Q&A panels and interviews. Because the aim was to promote the causes of rights, dignity and respect, I was determined to have good ways of getting the point across. Getting to the message that really matters, the thing that you really believe, allowed me to do that.

Lately I’ve been working with individuals and organisations, helping them to find both the message that matters and the communication style that is right for them. It’s something I’ve started to really enjoy, and I’m pretty good at it. So, whether it’s helping you to prepare an individual speech, coaching you to find your confidence as a presenter or helping your organisation think through policy responses or social media, I’d really like to help you find your true voice.

 Let me know how I can help.

Some of my work

Oral evidence to the Joint Scrutiny Committee on the Care Bill 

Article about failings in mental health from Community Care

Read one of Martin’s articles for The Guardian Social Care Network

A prezi on challenges for quality advocacy 


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