Behind True Voice

Martin Coyle has spent over a decade working towards a society where everyone is treated with dignity, respect, and can be confident in having a strong voice in decisions that affect  them.
A highly accomplished communicator, Martin has been a regular speaker at national conferences and has worked with print and broadcast media. A background in research and policy has underpinned the writing  of numerous policy responses, as well as the authoring of articles for Community Care and the Guardian Social Care Network.

As a former Chief Executive of Action for Advocacy and Advocacy Network – Leeds (now Advonet), Martin was heavily involved with lobbying around the Mental Capacity Act, review of the Mental Health Act, and formerly co-chaired the Care and Support Alliance working team on Advice and Advocacy.

Having provided organisational and capacity building support to over 300 organisations, Martin has developed a range of tools and strategies to enable organisational growth, vision focused planning, policy development, internal quality systems and impact measurement.

Responsible for the design and development of the Quality Performance Mark, and author of Lost in Translation, Martin has developed a passion for quality systems that define, promote and protect the essential aspects of an activity.


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